Goreadme is a service that automatically creates and updates readme files for Go Github projects from the Go doc of the project.

  1. Go to Goreadme Github App page.
  2. Press the "Configure" button.
  3. Choose your account, or an organization that owns the repository.
  4. Review the permissions and provide access to goreadme to repositories.
  5. Click Save.

You should see PRs from goreadme bot in your Github repositories.

How does it Work?

Once integrated with a repository, goreadme is registered on a Github hooks, that calls goreadme server whenever the repository default branch is modified. Goreadme then computes the new readme file and compairs it to the exiting one. If a change is needed, Goreadme will create a PR with the new content of the README.md file. Genrating the readme file can also be triggered manually here.

Goreadme service uses goreadme - is a tool created by the service author, for generating README.md files from Go doc of a given package.


Adding a goreadme.json file to your repository main directory can enable some customization to the generated readme file. The configuration is available according to goreadme.Config

Designed and built by Eyal Posener / 2019